Surviving Med School

This one is dedicated to all my medicos, we go through one hell of a time here in Med School, might as well learn to bear with the pain.



This is definitely a gamechanger in the field of medicine, now all the tried and tested as well as experimental approach to certain afflictions by stem cell therapy is now easier than earlier, We are now steps away from making leaps in the field of Oncology as well. This discovery is a potential boost for all serving and future-Oncologists.

Physiology of LOVE

As a medical student it constantly intrigues me how love is such a strong emotion and how our normal brain activity is radicalized by the feeling of love. This article is a beautiful description of the same. There is a lot of ‘Sciencey’ terminology but it does make it interesting.


ImageOrgasm- The word itself forbids most people to dare further into the article while it prompts to read the entire thing. It definitely polarizes an opinion out of people. But orgasm is better understood as a plateau of excitement, arousal , happiness and a state of joy which is NOT ALWAYS RELATED TO SEX.Image

When you think of happiness the first things that cross your mind are the usual stereotypical choices- money, food, luxury, sleep and for the more girly one out there chocolates, hearts and pink. But when we are asked to imagine the peak of happiness most of the perverted minds deviate into sex, but the fact of the matter is that this peak of joy and satisfaction is achieved via sex at a very animalistic level. Orgasms in our body occur at three levels each more deeper and intensive than the previous- starting with the most basal- Sacral Orgasm, moving on to the Cardiac Orgasm and finally the Pineal Orgasm.
The Sacral Orgasm is the most frequented and overrated one ,achieved by the electro-chemical impulse blasts  is the sacral plexus of nerves. This basal level of pleasure has been searched  for by most animals and shows no developmental advancement.
The Cardiac Orgasm is due a similar neurotransmitter bazooka being fired in the cardiac plexus of nerves and is achieved by untiring yet exhaustional emotional  blackhole. Rarely seen in the youth of 21st century, it is similar to the classical Elizabethan-Shakespearean  love tale of devotion and dedication. Love in which we expect nothing in return the, the love which knows only how to give and only give, the love in which the happiness of the chosen ones spreads ecstacy in your soul. It is achieved by conscience living as well, by taking conscious actions carrying out things with a constant ‘conscious’ check our actions, it is like meditating while doing our day to day jobs.Image
The Pineal Orgasm occurs at the level of the Pineal Body in the brain,an organ whose exact function is still a subject of constant medical research. It is the highest level of Ecstasy known to man is achieved by overpowering the other two orgasms and by transcending into deep meditative state which is better described as a state of ‘Godliness’.Image

Our evolutionary development spread over a period of 1.2 billion years has been a tale of development of coordination, coherence and intelligence, a gradual movement from phallic to cephalic terminal. ImageBut when you read, of cases like the nation’s braveheart- Nirbhaya, of some khaps in the villages ordering a gangrape, of cases when women are kept as sex slaves…you realise how after developing so much we are still animals ,living on the phallic basis, and are rather worse so much so that at times we feel ashamed to be part of the legacy of mankind wherein our sisters are taking the next breath of air with a constant psychotic fear looming in their minds. We learn about this, feel agitated, stay silent, play safe but the reality is that We are ashamed of being Humans…Image


Analgesia is the treatment administered to treat pain. It’s really interesting how we constantly fool our own body to be the genius of our own body. I don’t know much about people across the globe but here in India applying a balm to the forehead during headache is more common than Britishers who love tea. Well we all have used Vicks Vaporub in our illnesses, in India we have a very popular supplementary ZANDU BALM(They even made an dance number out of it) we apply on the aching site as a preliminary measure against pain. It is highly effective and there’s a remarkable story behind it…Image
The sensory receptors of our aching region have two channels or pathways(better recognised as tracts)-one that carries touch and the other that carries pain and temperature. What these magic balm do is that they act as an intelligent traffic policeman who diverts the traffic away from the damaged road to fine belters. These balms increase the stimulus traffic in the touch pathway and fools our brain to start worrying about the surplus touch input so much so that the brain forgets about the pain input. So by making a fool of the brain we pretend being geniuses of analgesia. We describe this in medical terms as the Gate Control or Counter Irritants Mechanism.
ImageWhile there are other moments when the brain is too intelligent to be fooled so guess what we stop fooling it. It’s about time we called it a bluff, we block all the impulses darting  towards the pain centre of the brain. So instead of telling the brain that there is temperature change and not pain we don’t tell it anything. It is more like when you break crockery while playing with the rubber ball inside the house. What I would do in these situations out of a guilty conscience is that I would cook up a story about how the chinaware went missing and fool my mommy. On the other hand my friend would just lie blatantly into his mother’s face that the crockery was intact and there were no damages, while he arranges for the piece to be replaced by an identical one. This how the drug of the century ASPRIN works while relieving pain, it blocks the message of pain to the brain while the body heals itself and then when the pain is gone we pull the patient off the pain meds and Whossh!!! It’s all normal again…

Another intriguing fact is how people feel less pain when doing intense and emotion driven activities, yes for once all that you see in the flicks is scientifically correct. The protagonist gets hurt badly by a gunshot but he overcomes the pain easily to fight for the ‘noble’ cause and like in most cases also gets the girl. This phenomenon is called stress analgesia, regulated by two centres in our brain- the Raphae magnus and Periaqueductal Grey. This activity is regulated by the much acclaimed Limbeck system. The pain during delivery of a child is nearly unbearable but once the mother gives birth she almost magically forgets the pain; A similar sequence is seen during sports matches, players are injured badly during games but for the most part of it they forget the pain and are overcome by the magnitude of the game. The two regions in the brain simply inhibit the transmission of pain. Now that’s one way to stop pain, just let it not reach the brain and tell you that IT FUCKING HURTS, if you don’t know that it hurt you can’t feel the pain either.Image
It startles me that how our body controls such an important stimulus as pain so that we may focus on more important things at hand. If we are too worried about are sprained toe we cannot focus on defending our country’s borders, or winning the crucial World-Cup Final or giving birth to a new life. It all seems just Picture perfect.Image

Kissing with Lips

Has this weird thought ever run across your head that why do we kiss with our lips…I mean why the contact of lips would be considered as the Kiss, why wouldn’t just shaking hands have the same arousing feeling as a kiss. Now see there’s a logic to it. I was studying the physiology of the sensory component of the nervous system and the pathways of pain, touch, tickle, irritation. I spent hours to consolidate the facts in my mind but now when I had all the data registered inside my cranium I began revising my exhaustive session. Like every teenager my mind was diverted away from 1000 paged ‘Guyton and Hall’ towards the thoughts of love and romance. It began making sense…why do we kiss with our lips??Image

I’d narrow it down for you…the stretching, the indentation, the stimulus movement across the surface, the spatial and temporal characteristics are most accurately discriminated by the lips and our fingertips. So this would imply that whether the lovers join lips or just rub their fingertips against each other’s the effect would be the same. Now here come the two interesting complexes named Meissner’s Corpuscles and Merkel’s Disk-both of them being sensory units in body. The Meissner’s Corpuscles are found in hand, foot, lips , tongue tips while Merkel’s Disk if located in the fingertips and the mouth. Our body’s sensory unit can be divided into two components- firstly the rapid adapting-Meissner’s Corpuscle and slow adapting Merkel’s Disk. The rapid adapting Meissner’s Complex of the lips sends bursts of inputs into the Brain and it gets aroused immediately unlike the Merkel’s Disk of the fingertips.
This boils down to the fact that the lips are a faster, more commonly practised medium of expressing love among Romeos and Juliets than just rubbing fingertips over hours. One hour of fingertip rubbing would equate a nanosecond of union of the lips of lovers.

I wonder which of the two is a more socially accepted option………


Life’s A Courtroom

Rehsus macaca… Yes the common monkey we find in our Indian streets. Right out of the Heamatology Lab having done experiments to identify blood groups, my mind was drawn towards the monkey sitting on the parapet opposite our canteen window. ‘Rh factor’ first discovered in this simple brown animal is now saving lives of millions around the world who would have otherwise lost lives during blood transfusion due to an ‘unexplained’ pathology.


But I am not interested in the Rh factor, I was lost in the simplicity of the animal and that’s when it struck me…The Courtroom. Our world is nothing but a modified, dynamic much more cooler looking and less boring-“Courtroom”. My gaze immediately ran back to the coffee awaiting on the table in front of me. It stayed there for hardly a moment than it was running across the faces of all the individuals sitting in the canteen. In that MATRIX like sweep of the entire hall I realised how we all are living our lives in a courtroom.Image

The most essential feature of the courtroom is the Judge, a role we play everyday, every minute of our mortal existence. We are constantly judging people around us, not for a single blink do we miss out on judging the people around us. Our mind is constantly working, storing tits and bits of information about  our surrounding subjects, creating a chargesheet in our mental diary. Without rest we analyze, dissect and summarize people around us, their actions, their speech, their gestures…every tiny bit of data possible as if we were to declare a verdict in the Supreme Court someday.
Every person upon whom our eyes lay comes under the jurisdiction of our courtroom and then  all of them are a criminal culprits, guilty or not, we are constantly catapulting allegations upon them. Our lives are like a never ending trial where everyone is a culprit and everyone a judge, in which sometimes we play the barrister-as prosecution or defence depending on which sides our loved ones lie, in which the constitution followed is written by the ‘civil’ society, in which investigations are always pending and one in which you will never be sure of your next date of summons….Indeed our life is a Huge Courtroom Drama.Image 

And you thought LAW was boring, I was no different- guilty as charged.

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