I don’t know what the concept is. Maybe I’ve never understood the concept of it. Well, I believe so hasn’t the most of this generation. I am unsure of how do we interpret something so passionate and meaningful. Maybe we’re meant to not understand it, maybe all the feelings of love is farce, maybe it is just an obsession, maybe it is the true meaning of life.

One thing I have not been able to comprehend is the obsession of the world with love, every single movie, every F-ing song, every poem, all the forms of art are in one way or the other in glorification or atleast centred around this one emotion. I could very well be a novice trying to understand such a complex feeling, but I could be just another guy with a different perspective. There are so many schools of thoughts when it comes to love that it is tough for you to understand what exactly it is and what bothers you more is whom to ask.


My current state of mind is turbulent. I am just a 21 year old medical student trying to figure out his place in this unforgiving world. I am trying to balance my extremely busy academic life with an almost non-existent and mostly lost personal life. I want love and to be loved.I have been acquaint with it but have never been able to complete fathom the depths of it. Sometimes my mind ogles at everyone around me who have love in their lives. They seem happy and satisfied while here I stand all confused about which direction my life is headed, all confused, lonely and mostly sad. The thought that comes to mind is if this the thing that is missing from my life or am I just looking at the surface.

When my peers are distressed in their relationships or have too much on their plate while trying to balance a relationship I believe that I might be in a better place. Oh boy! It’s a swaying and perplexing pendulum ride of thoughts. People have lives planned with their loved ones or are seeking out plans with them in near short term if not their entire stay on earth, and here I stand thinking if I should read what was taught today or prepare for the upcoming test or to work on my research project.

If you have a happy personal life, your professional life also balances out eventually. In the absence of a happy personal life all you can focus at is your work. Maybe that’s for the best. Focusing on what you leave behind in this world by making a difference to it with your work or maybe ensuring you make the ends meet for your family is better alternative to worrying about the lack of love in your life. But the struggles of work admixed with failures to achieve a happy personal life depresses one even further. This maybe a major reason apart from other reasons that this fast paced, work oriented lives of people put them under massive stress both mentally and physically. The effect of stress and its correlation with NCD(Non-Communicable Disease) epidemic is well evidenced in literature.

My personal belief is that we need a balance between our professional life and love life to succeed and have a healthy living. They say love will find you in unexpected places, well for me it maybe buried under some himalayan glacier somewhere distant in future. Now I can either focus on my work and move along while time unearths love or I can work on finding love. But what if some people are not meant to be found by love, not even in unexpected places.


I apologise for the incoherent babble of words in this post but that I guess is symbolic of the state of my mind in this regard.It would be ideal if I keep this is an open-ended post, open to further continuations as and when my thoughts and understanding matures. I would love to hear from readers about their thoughts in regards to love.


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It has been over 2 years now since I have not posted a thing on this blog. The reason for it I am not exactly sure of. It probably started with me not being able to post one week because of some test I had to appear for in the college. Then something else must have cropped up the next week and I eventually lost track of things.I was reminded on multiple occasions by my friends that I should restart writing but something had been holding me back.

Now about 3 years after I started my blog, here I am restarting things again. Now I am in my final year of medical school and with constantly lesser hours to spare for myself with each passing day. The pile of things to be done are ever-increasing and for once I am not intimidated by it. Over the years I have lost a lot of people in my life(they’re still alive and breathing, but not a part of my life anymore), I now have a circle which is ever constricting, I find myself talking to fewer people over the time. Despite the gloomy picture I may have painted, I am still livin’ and kickin’. I now have a lesser tolerance for bullshit thrown my way and greater strength to hit  all the curveballs hurled at me. 

Less is better.


I do not want this to be a pure academic or a purely emotional blog which has already been dead for the last few years and is trying to get back to life. I want his to be a partial extension of myself. I want to write what I feel , things and thoughts that I must share with my readers and what I feel is needed to be said out loud in this world. I want to write academic at times, I want to give my take on current affairs, maybe post the pictures that I have clicked, discuss my feelings. Even in this ever-growing & connected and yet isolated world you need an outlet. This World Health Day themed ‘Depression Let’s Talk.’ this is me, trying to make an effort to reach out to all of you and be open. I wish and encourage all those, especially medical students, who want to speak out , be heard , not be alone and lost to join me.

This is Vibhu, Let’s Talk.


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